25% (n = 10) were diagnosed as BMD and the remaining one case (3

25% (n = 10) were diagnosed as BMD and the remaining one case (3.12%) is Nine of the 32 patients were females. It shows that IHC can also be performed on formalin fixed paraffin embedded muscle tissues. In this study comprising of 23 males and 9 females, we used paraffin blocks of skeletal muscle tissue and performed IHC using dystrophin and beta-spectrin antibodies in the diagnosis of various types of muscular dystrophies. In Pakistan diagnosis of muscular dystrophies is still dependent on clinical features and creatine phosphokinase

(CPK) values. This is the first study from the subcontinent performing GW786034 concentration immunohistochemistry successfully on formaline fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) blocks for the diagnosis of muscular dystrophies.”
“Proteins belonging to the serine protease inhibitor (serpin) superfamily play essential roles in many organisms. find more In arthropods these proteins are involved in innate immune system, morphogenesis and development. In mammals serpins regulate pathways that are essential to life such as blood coagulation, fibrinolysis, inflammation

and complement activation, some of which are considered the host’s first line of defense to hematophagous and/or blood dueling parasites. Thus, it is hypothesized that ticks use serpins to evade host defense, facilitating parasitism. This study describes eighteen full-length cDNA sequences encoding serpins identified in Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus, here named RmS 1-18 (R. microplus serpin). Spatial and temporal transcriptional profiling demonstrated that R. microplus serpins are transcribed during feeding, suggesting their participation in tick learn more physiology regulation. We speculate that the majority of R. microplus serpins are conserved in other ticks, as indicated by phylogeny analysis. Over half of the 18 RmSs are putatively functional in the extracellular environment, as indicated by putative signal peptides on 11 of 18 serpins. Comparative modeling and structural-based alignment

revealed that R. microplus serpins in this study retain the consensus secondary of typical serpins. This descriptive study enlarges the knowledge on the molecular biology of R. microplus, an important tick species. (C) 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.”
“Background Allergic contact dermatitis is a leading cause of periorbital dermatitis. The extremely thin nature of the periorbital skin may facilitate allergen penetration, making this area particularly susceptible to allergic contact sensitisation. In this study, we assessed sensitisation rates to ingredients of common topical ophthalmic agents. Materials and methods Data collected by 57 participating centres of the Information Network of Departments of Dermatology (IVDK) were analysed retrospectively. Of the 101 403 patients patch tested between January 2001 and December 2010, 4779 patients suffered from periorbital dermatitis and 1158 patients were specifically tested to the ophthalmic tray.

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